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Travel insurance

Information & Benefit

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Stay Safe ~ Travel Care

  • Comprehensive coverage

We provide you with coverage for overseas medical expenses, trip cancellation, travel interruptions and delays, emergency medical expenses, medical evacuation costs and lost, damaged or delayed baggage.

  • Trip cancellation cover

Don't worry about the costs of transport & accommodation due to your trip cancellation. We’ll reimburse you the non-refundable expenses if your trip is cancelled due to specific events, within a specific time before your departure date.

  • Travel Inconvenience

We provide you coverage for travel inconveniences such as travel delays, loss or damage to your personal belongings, including your checked-in baggage.

  • Medical & personal accident cover

You can get up to RM1 million for overseas medical expenses and up to RM300,000 for personal accidents, depending on the product and plan you purchase. Our travel assistance team is on call by phone to provide you emergency travel assistance, ensuring you receive appropriate medical care.

  • Natural disasters

We will pay for travel inconveniences related expenses against natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and volcano eruptions, occuring at the country of travel.

  • Our own global assistance service

We have a fast and efficient 24-hour Emergency Assistance Team available to assist you in the event of injury following an accident or if you are ill and require hospital attention abroad.

hospital attention abroad.

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Travel EASY

Traveling should be a worry-free experience filled with happy memories. The last thing you would want is to be hindered with unexpected flight delays, cancellation, lost luggage or even medical mishaps during your trip. Stay protected with Allianz Travel Easy, the travel companion that puts your mind at ease with A-Z coverage – ensuring you enjoy peace of mind while traveling.

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10 Ways to Save on Car Insurance

A. Accidental Death

B. Permanent Total Disablement

C. Loss of one or more Limbs or one or both Eyes

  • 2A. Medical Expenses Covers medical and hospital expenses including cost of emergency dental treatment incurred Overseas as a result of accidental injuries or illness

  • 2B. Compassionate Visitation (due to Hospitalisation of Insured Person while in Overseas) Reimburses accommodation and travelling expenses of a relative or friend required on medical advice to travel or remain behind with you

  • 2C. Compassionate Visitation (due to Death of Insured Person while in Overseas) Reimburses accommodation and travelling expenses of a relative or friend to assist in burial or cremation arrangement in the event of your death Overseas

  • 2D. Follow Up Medical Treatment in Malaysia Reimburses follow up treatment within ninety (90) days after returning to Malaysia

  • 2E. Alternative Medicine Reimburses alternative medical treatment expenses by traditional medical practitioner, osteopath, physiotherapist and/or chiropractor

  • 2F. Child Care Benefit Reimburses accommodation and travelling expenses of your immediate family member/relative/friend to take care of your child in the event you are hospitalised Overseas

  • Pays RM350 per day for every complete day of hospitalisation while Overseas

  • Reimburses loss of or damage to your baggage and personal effects. Maximum RM500 any one article/pair/set article

  • Pays for loss of money and/or cost of obtaining replacement travel documents due to theft

  • Pays RM250 for every complete and consecutive six (6) hours if your check-in baggage is delayed while Overseas

  • Pays RM250 for every complete and consecutive six (6) hours of delay

  • Covers your legal liability to third party for accidental bodily injury and/or accidental loss of or damage to property

  • 9A. Loss of Deposit or Cancellation Reimburses for irrecoverable deposits or charges paid in advance if your trip is cancelled due to covered events

  • 9B. Curtailment Reimburses proportional return of your irrecoverable prepaid cost if your trip is curtailed due to covered events

  • Pays RM1,250 for every complete and consecutive twenty-four (24) hours of hijack

  • Pays the necessary expenses incurred for emergency transportation and medical care en route to evacuate you to the nearest hospital in the event you suffer critical medical conditions due to accident or illness while in Overseas. This benefit also covers expenses incurred to repatriate you back to Malaysia to continue treatment, provided it is deemed medically necessary

  • Reimburses the reasonable cost of transportation of your body back to Malaysia. Where applicable, we will reimburse charges for burial or cremation in the locality where your death occurs including cost of transportation of your ashes back to Malaysia.

  • Pays RM200 for every complete six (6) consecutive hours delay if you are denied boarding a commercial scheduled air carrier due to overbooking, and no alternative transportation is made available within six (6) consecutive hours from the original scheduled departure time

  • Pays additional accommodation and travel costs incurred while returning to Malaysia, due to mechanical breakdown of common carrier services, and causing you to be unable to reach departure port, airport or train station

  • Pays if the common carrier is delayed for complete six (6) consecutive hours due to rerouting of original scheduled time as a result of strike or industrial action, adverse weather conditions or mechanical breakdown

  • Pays in the event that you suffer death caused by an accident while in Overseas and have surviving child(ren) on the date of accident

  • Reimburses your outstanding credit card expenses incurred Overseas upon accidental death

  • Pays for loss or damage to your home contents from your residence in Malaysia that was left vacant while you are Overseas as a result of fire or theft

  • Reimburses additional expenses for alternative accommodation as a result of fire, flood, riot, strike or industrial action of the booked hotel

  • Reimburses any excess or deductible which you are liable under a car rental contract in the event of accident while in Overseas

  • Reimburses additional cost to the rental vehicle in the event you are unable to return the rental vehicle on time due to injury or illness which requires hospitalisation while in Overseas

  • Reimburses your international mobile phone charges while you are hospitalised Overseas

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